Cat Welfare

We take our cat family's health, safety and wellbeing very seriously and their happiness and comfort is of paramount importance to us.


Our playroom offers plenty of stimulation, exercise and snuggle spaces. Together with regular attention from staff and customers, we believe that all of our cats are happy and healthy. They also have access to their very own VIP lounge should they require a little down time away from the action or a breath of fresh air on their private balcony.


During the day staff have visibility of the entire cafe and ensure that the house rules are respected at all times. Staff will carry out regular health and wellbeing checks throughout the day and should we feel a cat becomes unsettled in this environment, we will look to retire them and find them a new forever loving home.

Customers are requested to sanitise their hands on entry and exit to avoid cross contamination and use a two door entry system so that the cats remain safe and secure in their home. There are also House Rules that we ask customers to follow to ensure both their and the cats safety. For security at night, we have installed blinds on the windows and have Cheeky Cat TV to keep an eye on the furry family while they unwind away the day.

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