Treat Tax

Treat Tax


As we, mere hoomans, bow down to Boris, King Lockdown the Second, our feline monarchy were left perplexed (and not for the first time) by the empty streets and desolate kingdom inside the walls of the Coffee Cats Castle. Without the collection of peasantry taxes (due to their servants being furloughed), the impending Christmas banquet was starting to look somewhat bleak.

Empress Matilda was very displeased indeed and with due haste sent young Elthel-Fled to investigate the cause of their sudden destitution. 

Ethel brought news of the continuing battle between the hooman peasants and the almighty tyrant, Baron Covid the Ninteenth.

Empress Matilda knew that a Christmas without an adequate supply of treats, (fit for a Queen, of course), would be no Christmas at all and had to take decisive action to save her kingdom. She pondered her options...

Build a feline army of her own and march proudly into the dark cold night or have a nap in the warmth of the castle and then order from Just Treats?

It was really no decision at all....

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