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Welcome to Coffee Cats adoption page.

Cats we are currently looking to rehome will be listed below.

For any cat we are looking to rehome we will need to perform a home visit 

Alternatively, 'Feline Friends' is a great local shelter in North Hykem

Contact Karen @ Feline Friends for further information - 07903747766

Introducing our longest residents at Feline Friends Rescue North Hykeham Lincoln : Mom Hebe and her beloved son Theo. We know their furever hoomans and home are out there somewhere and in the meantime, they wait patiently. We would so very much love to be able to tell them they will be having their very own visitors to meet them x They will need to be homed as indoor cats due to their dietary needs. Please message us if you would like more information or to arrange a meeting. Ever Hopeful Love Hebe and Theo xx

Feline Friends Rescue has been set up to help cats in Lincoln.

"Our main aim is to neuter and chip all cats before they go to their new homes."

07903 747766

theo Hebe.jpg

Their story... Back in early 2022, Hebe was trapped living down a filthy, litter strewn gunnel in a Notts suburb. There was a small colony of stray cats that were not neutered. Hebe, a young cat of no more than one year old, was one of them. She was lucky as she was trapped, heavily pregnant, and gave birth to her four babies in rescue. Hebe was a good mum but from day one showed a strong preference and bond to one little black and white boy, Theo. As the days went on, the bond between mom and son grew and grew until they became inseparable and it became obvious that they needed to stay and be homed together.... so that is what FFR will do. Hebe and Theo do have a specific dietary need which must not be changed. The food they eat is Dechra dry SPECIFIC FID Digestive support which is purchased from Pet Drugs On Line and wet Hills Gastrointestinal They have two meals per day, one can of Hills Gastrointestinal in wet food and the other in dry biscuit form. One 4kg bag ( £45) will last at least 2 to 3 months if weighed out We have calculated a price comparison if anyone would like to see it, please message us. At some time Hebe has suffered a head trauma as her pupils look out sideways albeit slightly. It maybe she was kicked in the head or hit by a car. Hebe has been checked by our vet and has not required any treatment for

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