Sponsorship update

We make a charge for entrance to help with the welfare and everyday care of our cats, which includes general vet bills. Some of our cats have on-going health conditions which can need costly interventions, such as teeth extractions. We have recently used the money to pay off some of our vet bill - which as we all know can soon mount up. The sponsorship money is also for the 'extras' such as a pampurr session with a cat groomer.

In return for your sponsorship money we will send you an update and also enter you in our free prize draw which has a top prize of free entry to visit your favourite cat(s)


Please get in touch if you have any donations of food etc, all are welcome and much ap-purr-eciated. We also have a Amazon wish list you can choose online items from and don't forget to add and share us on your social meow-dia - click on a link below: 

During these uncertain times we, the Coffee Cats of Lincoln have been overwhelmed by the show of support and words of kindness made by our human friends both near and far. 

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