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One of the many reasons cats are taken to shelters can be medical as their owners can find it difficult to afford expensive vet bills. At coffee cats we have a few cats that have on-going health conditions and the admission charge goes towards that care. 

Snorri, our eldest cat was taken to the shelter when his owner died.  

Snorri is a very placid and wise cat and has been a firm favourite at the café.

He has very little sight left but still manages to navigate his way round the café with ease.

During the last year, he has lost weight and his desire to go out for walks.

He also suffers from the aches and pains of old age and finds it difficult to groom himself. 

The vets have diagnosed an overactive thyroid and the start of renal failure.


This ongoing treatment added to the normal cost of caring for our cats is expensive. Snorri is still able to have a good quality of life and we want to ensure this continues as long as possible. So we are asking for donations towards his care. 

You can donate via our square website, or alternatively donate services or supplies, such as special renal vet food which is more expensive than regular cat food.  
In return we will send you updates of his progress and enter you into a free raffle - more details to follow.

Thank you so much,
Stay safe.
Coffee Cats Lincoln  X


During these uncertain times we, the Coffee Cats of Lincoln have been overwhelmed by the show of support and words of kindness made by our human friends both near and far. 

Please get in touch if you have any donations of food etc, all are welcome and much ap-purr-eciated. We also have a Amazon wish list you can choose online items from and don't forget to add and share us on your social meow-dia - click on a link below: 

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