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Never wake a sleeping cat

Its not nice and incredibly unlucky

Always introduce yourself

Let them smell your hand before you stroke them

Don’t pick up the cats

This is their home and they don't know you

No human food or outside treats

Human food and drink can be very harmful to your cats

Turn off your flash

Take lots of photos and give us a tag

@coffeecatslincoln #coffeecatslincoln

Children must be aged over 11 years and accompanied by an adult

House Rules
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  • Bookings have been staggered to allow for social distancing between sessions and to facilitate extra cleaning.

  • Hand santiser is provided and must be used on entrance to the Cafe and is available to use throughout your visit.

  • Staff will be following government guidelines to reduce risk 

  • Please do not visit the Cafe if you have any Covid symptoms. 

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Admission charge: -per person
Like most cat cafes across the world, in order to operate we need to charge for admission. 
This money is used to support the welfare of our cats.  This includes, cat supplies and vet costs.  It also supports limiting the number of people in the cafe at any one time, enabling us to ensure the comfort and safety of our cats and guests. 
NB:- If you are a regular visitor please ask about our excellent
Loyalty Card scheme



By booking you are agreeing to follow the house rules and accept the element of risk to persons/property due to the special nature of the cafe 

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