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Greetings Furriends

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At Coffee Cats it’s extremely important for us to give our visitors not only great food and drinks, but an experience that has the potential to leave lasting happy memories for years to come. So whether it’s your first time or your hundredth, come spend a relaxing hour or two at the oldest Cat Cafe in Lincoln!

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Our family run cafe is home to a clowder of beautiful resident rescue cats.

Each cat has a unique purr-sonality which you can learn about on our 'Meet the Cats' page. 

All residents are rescues and mainly here for long term care. They have experience of living with other cats and they were previously kept exclusively indoors. 

Our quirky cafe is spread over two floors of a Grade 2 listed building which fits in purrfectly with its historic surroundings of Steep Hill and the historic city of Lincoln. Bespoke cat walkways and plenty of nooks and crannies enables the cats to interact freely and confidently with customers who also can watch all the cats whilst enjoying a drink of fresh Stokes coffee or tea and a delicious slice of cake.

Cat Café Services

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What a lovely idea to rescue cats and provide them a home where people who can't have cats can enjoy they're company and give them the attention they deserve.
Not only is this rescuing cats, it has great coffee, relaxing atmosphere and a lovely expirience all around. I would deffo go again!


Samantha Everitt

My mum and I were supposed to come here on mother's day but thanks to Covid we had to delay! We finally went last week and loved it. The owners were so friendly and loved chatting about how they adopted their cats and their personalities. Really would recommend if you're a cat lover!😊 We'll definitely be back!


Kieran Thomsett


Last minute booking during a fleeting visit to Lincoln and it most certainly didn't disappoint. Nice chilled atmosphere(even with Covid restrictions, which are all very clear and made us feel comfortable). Very engaging and informative, whilst obviously being fun! Cats and coffee what's not to love?

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