The Treat Tax

As we, mere hoomans, bow down to Boris, King Lockdown the Second, our feline monarchy were left perplexed (and not for the first time) by the empty streets and desolate kingdom inside the walls of the Coffee Cats Castle. Without the collection of peasantry taxes (due to their servants being furloughed), the impending Christmas banquet was starting to look somewhat bleak.
Empress Matilda was very displeased indeed and with due haste sent young Elthel-Fled to investigate the cause of their sudden destitution. 
Ethel brought news of the continuing battle between the hooman peasants and the almighty tyrant, Baron Covid the Ninteenth.
Empress Matilda knew that a Christmas without an adequate supply of treats, (fit for a Queen, of course), would be no Christmas at all and had to take decisive action to save her kingdom. She pondered her options...
Build a feline army of her own and march proudly into the dark cold night or have a nap in the warmth of the castle and then order from Just Treats?
It was really no decision at all....
Hear Ye, Hear Ye
You are hereby summoned by the Court of Empress Matilda to make a (voluntary) donation in respect of the FelineTreaty Act 2.0, which states that all hoomans shall pay a statutory Treat Tax whether they are inside or outside of the Coffee Cat Castle walls.   
Treat Tax

Treat Tax



After a difficult start in life, our rescue residents are happily settled into their furrever home at Coffee Cats and are enjoying the fuss and attention they deserved. 


Oblivious to the increasing challenges the world has faced this year, life has carried on behind closed doors as our feline family continued to live life to the full by eating, playing and more often than not, sleeping. 


Our sponsorship campaign during the first lockdown received a lot of attention and we are very grateful for all of the generous donations we received, not only from supportors in Lincolnshire but from around the country and even as far away as the USA!  

As a new business in these uncertain times, the fight for our future and the future of our furry family is still very much alive. We don't have a reserve built up to help cushion us so we are relying on goverment schemes and business grants to keep us a float as the pandemic continues.


We have therefore kept the sponsorship scheme going, to help keep our loveable kitties stocked up with the essentials. Your money will go directly towards the upkeep of the cats; including food, litter, toys, and vet bills.

When you sponsor you will be entered into our monthly prize draw = The winner(s) will receive free entry or free coffee, or cake when they next visit their favourite feline(s)


During Lockdown 2.0, you can now also treat our well-behaved felines, just like your own 'virtual pet' by gifting them treats via our online shop.   

Thank you for your continued support.

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