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Bye January

We hope you had a good Christmas and New Year. The fluffs are enjoying their new toys and treats and say thank you 😽

January has been a quiet month but not necessarily for the fluffs ....🐈

We mentioned last month that Freya was showing us she wasn't feline the love for her cat mates so it was decided she needed some time out. You may remember we did something similar with Mark Anthony last year. So Freya has gone to visit her sister Frigga to see if she is still wants to live with other cats.

Frigga and Freya didn't seem to recognise each other and were keeping their distance, but this week they don't seem so wary of each other. Freya is loving the human cuddles and being the centre of attention. Though she shows a lot of interest of outside 🙀We'll keep you posted next month and let you how it's going.

The remaining cats seemed a little quieter the following day after she left but soon got used to her absence. 

Ethel, celebrated her fourth birthday on January 15th. As it fell on a Monday, she had a bit of a chill day but didn't seem to mind. She got lots of birthday treats and messages from her online fans 😸

Alfie has been seen enjoying the company of Verdi lately and they have been playing and spending time together. We think they make a  purrfect pair for Valentine’s Day  - proof that age is just a number😻

Hopefully, Nicky won't be too jealous. She's been in a lot better mood since the hormone levels have settled down after the kittens were spayed. 

Now she’s more relaxed Urdi, who tries her best to get Nicky to like her by chirping at her whenever she gets close, may finally win her over.

 Skuld, our most adventurous cat, was the furst to hop on the new hammock by the window and loved it. Verdi followed her example soon after. The older cats are still wary of it, but they'll come around eventually.

Finally pottery classes have been arranged for Spring, with a mixture of dates between Thursday and Sunday and can be booked via our website.

 Lots of purrs and head bumps from all at Coffee Cats Lincoln

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