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Coffee Cats celebrates four year anniversary

For the cats, October 1st was just a normal day, doing the usual cat things, sleeping, eating, playing, stretching, sniffing and watching the humans. However, for us humans it was a special day because it was four years since we opened the doors of Coffee Cats Lincoln.

Just six months after we opened on 1st Oct 2019 we had to close due to Covid and could only dream of still being here one year later, let alone 4.

The generous support you gave then and continue to give has not only made it easier financially and practically but inspires us to keep going, Thank you - you’re all pawsome!

We had a lovely relaxed day to mark and remember our journey; particularly all of the special cats that have been through the doors.

The cats loved the attention, presents and extra treats, particularly the large paper bags that they could hide in and surprise each other from. Each human who visited received a memorable gift as Emma had made some special Little Boo ghosts* to mark the occasion.

And the good times continued as Olaf found his new home. It happened quite quickly and we’re pleased to report he is feeling safe and relaxed, exploring his new home and getting to know his humans. We're so thankful he has found a home with humans who are understanding and want to help him enjoy his life. It seems that Alfie may be missing his male playmates as he keeps trying to ‘play’ with the girls!

There’s only Nicky who can really cope with it though. Freya tries but quickly gives up and runs off to escape. Ethel is not impressed and quickly moves out of his way. Skuld, however is more than happy to try to wrestle with him, or anyone else, as she loves play fighting. It's great to see how well Alfie is feeling after he was so poorly earlier this year.

Skuld is looking like a mini version of Nicky, with the same fur colour and markings and can often be found in copy-cat positions. Nicky has started to ‘appurricate’ her ‘mini-me’ and shows her ‘appurruval’ by grooming her. Freya has joined the tiny trio of Urdi, Verdi and Skuld as a playmate and they are happy to chase, jump on, play-fight and sniff each other. Ethel tends to keep out of the chaotic play but enjoys her 1:1 play with humans, usually on her favourite rope bridge - when she can get a chance - as the rope bridge is also a favourite for the others!

The kittens’ interest in everything and anything continues to keep us all on our paws, so we’re very happy and grateful when visiting humans take over and keep them occupied. It’ll soon be time to draw the winter raffle. Winners will be notified by email and also posted on facebook.

Hope to see you soon, head rubs and purrs from all at Coffee Catsxx

*we now have an Etsy shop where you can buy your own Little Boo Ghost online at

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